Chaplains’ Response to Westboro Baptist Church Protest

To the members of the American University community:

We, the chaplains of American University, join together today to demonstrate our ongoing message of tolerance, acceptance and respect of each and every member of our campus community.  As the Westboro Baptist Church gathers today to spread a message of intolerance, we are here to spread our unified message, that as a campus community, we will stand together to support each and every member of our community.

As the chaplains of AU, we stand together to support our students, to support all individuals and affirm that we are all created in the image of God.  While we represent different faiths, religions and communities, today is not about our individual beliefs, but rather, our affirmation of our community, united together here at American University.  We support the efforts of the Rally to Reaffirm Sanity to demonstrate the American University’s ongoing dedication to the values of tolerance, acceptance and respect.  These are the same common values which bind all of us together, as members of the American University community, as members of all faiths and as human beings, here together to create peace for all.

In Solidarity,

Rev. Dr. Joe Eldridge, University Chaplain
Rev. Mark Schaefer, United Methodist Chaplain
Rabbi Ken Cohen, Campus Rabbi
Rev. Michael Godzwa, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Father Dimitrios Antokas, Campus Orthodox Christian Chaplain
Imad-ad-Dean, Campus Imam
Rev. Tom Omholt, Lutheran Chaplain
Minister Yolanda Norton, Campus Baptist Ministry