Statement on Divestment from Sudan

The United Methodist Student Association and AU United Methodist/Protestant Community stand in support of targeted divestment from Sudan.

As Christians and people of God we affirm the actions of the General Board of Church and Society and United Methodists around the world to call all people into action against the Genocide in Sudan.

As people of the Wesleyan tradition who believe that there is no holiness but social holiness we believe that action must be taken to end the racism, discrimination, violence, and injustices that are occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan.

As worshipers of God and disciples of Jesus, we believe we are all part of one body and spirit and that calls us into a ministry of peace, love, and justice.

Our university is a United Methodist-affiliated institution and is called to uphold the social principles of the United Methodist Church and should act to ensure that all its actions, including financial investment, should be done with spiritual and moral direction.

We are in spiritual solidarity with the Interfaith community and other university students in calling for expedient targeted divestment from Sudan.