On a Mission

“Love God. Serve Others. Welcome All.”

After a period of discernment, that is the mission statement that we as a community have chosen. It has many virtues to it: it is short, easily memorized, and has punch.

But more than that, those six words sum up so well what Christian faith is about.

For we start by loving God. “Love” does not mean emotion alone, though enthusiasm of feeling can be important. Rather, it means living in right relationship. And so first and foremost, we live in right relationship with God. “Love” in a Biblical sense can also mean to place foremost–so when we love God we do so by placing God first. And how do we demonstrate this love? By joyful praise. By thoughtful study. Through prayer and reflection and renewing our commitment to God and our faith.

But we also, show this love by serving others. Through actions of mercy and charity, lending a helping hand, offering a compassionate ear. Through working for justice to uproot the sinful structures of oppression and injustice. Giving a voice to those who have none. We demonstrate that we are disciples of Jesus by making ourselves into servants of everyone.

And we welcome all. Without regard to race, age, sexuality, ability, ideology, background or belief, we welcome everyone. As Christ welcomed those whom society marginalized, we welcome those whom others would reject. We engage in radical hospitality to all. By so doing we testify to the expansive, gracious love of God.

And so, it turns out that those six little words–Love God. Serve Others. Welcome All.–pack quite a theological wallop. We invite you to be a part of our community as we love God, serve others, and welcome all.