Meredith’s Oreo Fudge

From Meredith Hollingsworth (’13)

1 cup of semi sweet chocolate
1 cup of white chocolate
2-3 oreos
one can of condensed milk
tsp Vanilla
container (9×9 works or several smaller ones)- if leaving in container no need for foil but if want to take out, cover it with aluminum foil.
1.Combine semi sweet chocolate with 1/2 can condensed milk in microwavable bowl. microwave 1 minute. stir and add in 1 tsp vanilla. Pour mixture into container. Spread till even.
2. Crush oreos, set aside.
3. repeat step one except add oreos at same time as vanilla.
4. refrigerate for 2 hours.
Sometimes it comes out mushy if there isn’t enough chocolate so err on the side of more.