Welcome to our archives friends! You might be wondering why we have an archives now, when up to this point you have been able to find everything on our community site. We decided that over our time as a Methodist presence on the campus at American University we have collected a lot of sermons, statements, recipes, etc. and it was getting difficult to tell what was new and find things easily on the community site.

We feel that it is important for current students and parents to be able to quickly find out what is happening now, without getting confused with what has happened in the past.

We also know that it is important to alumni to be able to find the things that remind them of their time as students.

We hope that this new structure for the web site will make that possible.

At the moment the archives are still a work in progress and there are many broken links, and incomplete posts. Over the next month or so it will be brought up to date. Please use the form to let us know if you come across any problems in navigating the archives that you feel we should know about.